We’ve been supplying and installing batteries in Kenya for more than 15 years.

Our Brands

Batteries we distribute,supply and install in Kenya

General Specifications

Main Applications: Solar Energy Application;Electric Power Vehicles; Golf Cars and Buggies;Wheel Chairs;Power Tools

  • Catergory: Stand Alone
  • Nominal voltage: 12v
  • Technology: SLA,Lead Acid
  • Nominal capacity: 25-260Ah
  • Maximum Length: 710mm
  • Maximum Width: 350mm
  • Maximum Height: 366mm
  • Weight: 8-53Kgs

General Specifications

Main Applications:Solar / Off grid , Power supply for remote off grid applications and isolated power networks, drinking water supply system, Healthcare facilities. - Telecommunications - Traffic systems and lighting

  • Catergory: Stand Alone,On-grid ,Off-grid
  • Nominal voltage: 2-512v
  • Technology: AGM,VRLA
  • Nominal capacity:4340Ah
  • Maximum Length: 308mm
  • Maximum Width: 508mm
  • Maximum Height: 815mm
  • Weight:19-246Kgs

General Specifications

  • Catergory: Stand Alone
  • Nominal voltage: 2-12v
  • Technology: AGM
  • Nominal capacity: 99-2450Ah
  • Maximum Length: 28mm
  • Maximum Width: 11mm
  • Maximum Height: 24mm
  • Weight:27-332Kgs

General Specifications

Champion totally sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are sourced from one of the world's largest manufacturers and are particularly suited to solar and inverter back up uses as well as manyother cycle or standby applications.

  • Catergory: Stand Alone
  • Nominal voltage: 2-12v
  • Technology: VRLA
  • Nominal capacity: 100-1500Ah
  • Maximum Length: 400mm
  • Maximum Width: 350mm
  • Maximum Height: 345mm
  • Weight:31-98.5Kgs

Other Batteries Available on Request:-

We also source for Our Clients these batteries on request

  • Gaston Batteries
  • Eastman Batteries
  • Deca Batteries
  • Rolls Solar Batteries
  • Surrete Batteries
  • Wecko Batteries
  • Lithum Iron Batteries:
  • Simpliphi Lithium Batteries:
  • Byd Lithium Batteries: