Since 2003- Go Solar Systems Providing Renewable Energy solutions In Kenya.

Our commitment to both Kenya helped us in becoming Kenya’s leading Solar Company. Our goal is to provide homes and businesses right across this country with a renewable energy solutions & quality solar energy systems. We are proud to say we save our valued customers money in energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment. Our clients are happier and are more power efficient.
You may be a single site business or multinational company, come from the private or public sector, or be based in the heart of Nairobi or the most remote rural location like Turkana. Whether your objective is to reduce your carbon footprint, drive down energy costs or secure a reliable energy supply, we will work with you to find your ideal renewable energy solution.

ERC Certified Company
15 Years Experience

Our valuable partner


What we aim to do is provide our customers with leading technologies in the solar industry to power their homes and businesses right around Kenya, whether it’s for residential, retail, or commercial purposes. For us to accomplish this, we ensure that the level of knowledge of our sales and technical teams are of the highest calibre. Such expertise gives us the ability to:

  • Help you select the perfect solar energy system
  • Conduct maintenance of your system
  • Make the most of your investment in solar power


  • To help people and businesses transition away from fossil fuels to Renewable Energy
  • To be a profitable, sustainable business through installation of the highest quality systems
  • To embody principles of fairness and equity in all of our relationships.


With above goals in mind, we set out to define our core values for a sustainable growth strategy and for powering Kenya.

  • Making renewable energy viable to all Kenyans
  • Premium products and installer service to our customers
  • Providing the latest technologies direct to you
  • Helping take a giant leap towards a sustainable future